My first ride was on a brisk fall morning deep in the hills of the Pennsylvania Mountains in the early 70’s. I could not have been much older that 8 or 9 but I road for hours up in those pocano hills. The wind in my face, the rumble of the bike, and the thrill of that throttle twisting in my hand have never left me. I have been riding ever since and I can not imagine life without a scooter.

I have had several motorcycles over the years and I have had my current scooter seven years now. This was my first new bike. I found this 1991 sportster on the show room floor and had to have it. I have made a few modifications, had a few scrapes, and have ridden several thousand mile through PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, and VT. Below is one of the beautiful lakes along the Kangamangiss highway on a seven-day trip up through northern New England.

My Brother Scott is a professional welder and has built his own bike. Starting with a modified 67’ sporty, then custom built his own frame from scratch, and you can see the results. It is beautiful ride that I would be proud to have parked in my garage.

Scott’s good friend Kevin has also put together a bike of his own. I wish my bank account and my garage were both a lot bigger… I’d have a scooter for each day of the week.